Utilities Industry – Product Developers


Circumstances today such as aging infrastructure, increasing regulatory pressures, growing customer expectations, and mounting security threats are pushing utility providers to evolve their technologies to keep ahead of these demands and remain agile.

The ability to innovate is a high priority for companies everywhere and technology is vital to the greater innovation that is needed to bring an era of new opportunities to the Utilities Industry.

Whether you are a vendor providing solutions to these industries or you work within them, you require product development solutions that provide security, attention to achieving regulatory compliance, traceability/transparency, quality and cost-effectiveness

Advantage stands ready to work with your team to help make your organization even more nimble than it is today through technologies such as hardware development of smart meters, advanced sensors, wireless networks, Internet of Things (IoT), monitoring and controls, mobile work tools, safety instruments and the mobile applications to run them all.

If it is a need in transmission, distribution or customer interface applications, our depth of industry knowledge supports Utility Industry companies in the design and development of safety & energy related products. Our goal is to enable Utility companies to navigate an increasingly complicated landscape and turn disruptive changes in the industry into competitive advantages.

Product Examples