Wireless Technologies Development


Considering making your products wireless? Need to get connected to the Internet of Things (IoT)? Whether you are looking for low power, long distance, low data rates, communication to satellites, the Internet of Things, need low cost passive communications or complicated mesh networks, Advantage can help you with transmitting data to and from sensors, vehicles, commercial products or industrial systems.

We offer a full range of engineering services for the development of wireless devices from design through manufacturing. One of the things we can do is help you determine the best wireless application for your needs. There are many competing protocols with their own benefits and shortcomings. It take experience and strong understanding of each to determine what is best in each application.

Rely on Advantage to identify, develop, test and incorporate the right protocols in your wireless systems. Our industry experience brings you the benefits of our expertise in numerous wireless interfaces from all USB standards to WiFi, all BlueTooth Standards including BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) to RFID, Zigbee and Ant.

Complimentary technologies for wireless products include inductive and Chi Wireless Charging as well as energy harvesting. We would be pleased to share how we can incorporate these in your products.

Product Examples