Industries & Capabilities


Aerospace & Aviation
From Attitude Control Systems to Navigation Computers

The aerospace and aviation industries require precision, professionalism, discretion and commitment. With our many aerospace and aviation clients throughout the years, we have acquired a firm grasp on the strict parameters of such development and have honed our practices to reflect them.

Advantage specializes in designing instrumentation with attention to low parts counts and keeping costs down without losing product reliability and performance by adhering to techniques derived and accumulated through collaborations within the strict space, weight and surface requirements of the aerospace industry.

Our experience in the development of satellites instrumentation include those monitoring weather and climate to low-cost micro, nano and pico satellites. We will work with your team to scale technology to fit your needs. Through the application of Advantage’s depth of knowledge, we are able to implement sound solutions implementing best practices from the hardware and firmware, all the way through to the software of a design. Let us help you achieve a more rapid time to market by shortening the product development cycle.  With multiple systems and subsystems resident on more than 14 orbiting space crafts, Advantage is poised to support getting your designs up and flying.


Green Technologies Engineering Services

Green Technology (GreenTech) or Clean Technology (CleanTech) and Sustainable Electronics Development are terms that cover a lot of ground.  Advantage Electronic Product Development is committed to work in partnership with our clients to develop new products and systems to enable a more sustainable environment and solve the challenges confronting our world.

By developing electronic devices to control, monitor and conserve resources including those devices that support sustainable management of resources together we can reduce negative ecological impact. The result is a more efficient and responsible use of resources.

Our experience includes Smart Grid system devices, Energy conservation, Energy Harvesting techniques, Demand-side Energy Management, Peak curtailment/leveling & Load adjustment/Load balancing, Green building LEEDS and Net-Zero as well as BlueTechWater Conservation, purification pollution/toxin/germ/ free water and Environmental Remediation Monitoring & Compliance – sensors & other measurement/testing hardware & software systems.


Medical Device & Mobile Application Developers
Innovation in Medical Devices Development

Our capabilities span a breadth of experience from working with Leading Medical Device Corporations to Start Ups leading to the deep experience in the medical device industry that it takes to innovate and bring your products through the CE and FDA regulatory submissions processes to the market.

Working with your team to iterate existing medical devices or develop new medical products Advantage uses a full life cycle approach to medical device engineering which minimizes the development time and speeds your time to market.  We focus first on completely understanding your development needs, addressing regulatory, engineering and clinical constraints to ensure that the overall project requirements are met.

With a proven track record of FDA and CE Mark approvals 510K, Pre Market Approvals (PMA), for Class I and II devices, employing the verification/validation of medical systems as needed to support submissions results in successes for our clients.

Take advantage of our industry expertise in engineering your medical device hardware and mobile device applications.


Utilities Industry – Product Developers

Circumstances today such as aging infrastructure, increasing regulatory pressures, growing customer expectations, and mounting security threats are pushing utility providers to evolve their technologies to keep ahead of these demands and remain agile.

The ability to innovate is a high priority for companies everywhere and technology is vital to the greater innovation that is needed to bring an era of new opportunities to the Utilities Industry.

Whether you are a vendor providing solutions to these industries or you work within them, you require product development solutions that provide security, attention to achieving regulatory compliance, traceability/transparency, quality and cost-effectiveness

Advantage stands ready to work with your team to help make your organization even more nimble than it is today through technologies such as hardware development of smart meters, advanced sensors, wireless networks, Internet of Things (IoT), monitoring and controls, mobile work tools, safety instruments and the mobile applications to run them all.

If it is a need in transmission, distribution or customer interface applications, our depth of industry knowledge supports Utility Industry companies in the design and development of safety & energy related products. Our goal is to enable Utility companies to navigate an increasingly complicated landscape and turn disruptive changes in the industry into competitive advantages.


Imaging Systems/Camera Development

Due to the emergence of Mobile Devices and now the Internet of Things (IoT), cameras have become ubiquitous. Not only are they an integral part of security systems for public spaces they have become part of smart cities, vehicles and homes to gather Big Data for analysis. Additionally, consumers are relying on their smartphone cameras for a vast array of life’s experiences including fitness, gaming, health and education.

These new applications require high-resolution sensors that translate to better image quality. At Advantage we have designed and developed many types of imaging systems from aerospace navigation guidance Star Tracker cameras to consumer Digital Smart cameras.

This highly competitive and expanding industry has new and disruptive technologies coming forward regularly. Let us help you be competitive with your imaging product by implementing advanced features that balance light, correct color and employ the latest compression technologies in your camera design as well as utilize Chip Scale Packaging (CSP) that integrates lenses and sensors that deliver highly miniaturized cameras


Wireless Technologies Development

Considering making your products wireless? Need to get connected to the Internet of Things (IoT)? Whether you are looking for low power, long distance, low data rates, communication to satellites, the Internet of Things, need low cost passive communications or complicated mesh networks, Advantage can help you with transmitting data to and from sensors, vehicles, commercial products or industrial systems.

We offer a full range of engineering services for the development of wireless devices from design through manufacturing. One of the things we can do is help you determine the best wireless application for your needs. There are many competing protocols with their own benefits and shortcomings. It take experience and strong understanding of each to determine what is best in each application.

Rely on Advantage to identify, develop, test and incorporate the right protocols in your wireless systems. Our industry experience brings you the benefits of our expertise in numerous wireless interfaces from all USB standards to WiFi, all BlueTooth Standards including BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) to RFID, Zigbee and Ant.

Complimentary technologies for wireless products include inductive and Chi Wireless Charging as well as energy harvesting. We would be pleased to share how we can incorporate these in your products.