Aerospace & Aviation


From Attitude Control Systems to Navigation Computers

The aerospace and aviation industries require precision, professionalism, discretion and commitment. With our many aerospace and aviation clients throughout the years, we have acquired a firm grasp on the strict parameters of such development and have honed our practices to reflect them.

Advantage specializes in designing instrumentation with attention to low parts counts and keeping costs down without losing product reliability and performance by adhering to techniques derived and accumulated through collaborations within the strict space, weight and surface requirements of the aerospace industry.

Our experience in the development of satellites instrumentation include those monitoring weather and climate to low-cost micro, nano and pico satellites. We will work with your team to scale technology to fit your needs. Through the application of Advantage’s depth of knowledge, we are able to implement sound solutions implementing best practices from the hardware and firmware, all the way through to the software of a design. Let us help you achieve a more rapid time to market by shortening the product development cycle.  With multiple systems and subsystems resident on more than 14 orbiting space crafts, Advantage is poised to support getting your designs up and flying.

Product Examples