Company Profile

Advantage¬†Electronic Product Development Inc. is an NPD/NPI (New Product Development/Introduction) firm providing clients with turnkey electrical engineering, design and manufacturing solutions for the prototype and small scale production phase of product development. We know that the success of a project is largely dependent on our exact understanding of our customers’ requirements for their project, followed up by good engineering practices execution and effective manufacturing.
We have full capability from system level design to detail design and manufacturing – thus we can provide either modular or all-inclusive services for electronic product development. Our niche exists in the gap between the need filled by large contract manufacturers and those requirements at the beginning phases of a development.
It is all too frequently the case that the new product developer is trying to enter into arrangement with a contract manufacturer too early. This is somewhat like trying to select a general contractor to build a house without a comprehensive set of architectural drawings – costing is impossible and prediction is thrown out the window. The logical and cost-effective solution is turnkey prototype development by Advantage Electronic Product Development Inc.
This gradient approach saves time and money on development costs, gives one a breadth of understanding of the manufacturing requirements and provides for smooth transition to larger scale production runs. Included in our services – the transitioning of a product from prototype or small scale production levels to large scale manufacturing.

Professional Affiliations

Advantage Electronic Product Development Inc. is a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, IPC Association Connecting Electronic Industries, Rocky Mountain Designers Council, IMAP (International Microelectronics Packaging Association) SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) and PDMA (Product Development & Management Association). These associations provide us with a forum for relaying information related to innovation and reliability issues and solutions as well as giving us a foothold on the forefront of electronics technologies.
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