Imaging Systems/Camera Development


Due to the emergence of Mobile Devices and now the Internet of Things (IoT), cameras have become ubiquitous. Not only are they an integral part of security systems for public spaces they have become part of smart cities, vehicles and homes to gather Big Data for analysis. Additionally, consumers are relying on their smartphone cameras for a vast array of life’s experiences including fitness, gaming, health and education.

These new applications require high-resolution sensors that translate to better image quality. At Advantage we have designed and developed many types of imaging systems from aerospace navigation guidance Star Tracker cameras to consumer Digital Smart cameras.

This highly competitive and expanding industry has new and disruptive technologies coming forward regularly. Let us help you be competitive with your imaging product by implementing advanced features that balance light, correct color and employ the latest compression technologies in your camera design as well as utilize Chip Scale Packaging (CSP) that integrates lenses and sensors that deliver highly miniaturized cameras.

Product Examples