Engineer Specific Staffing


Your Exact Engineering Disciplines Understood

The Advantage Engineer Staffing focus is to strategize with our clients for their electronic engineering staffing services needs. Our strength in the electronic product development industry gives us an advantage in locating high quality engineering candidates. We are not part of one of the large conglomerate staffing agencies that revolve around volume. Our goal is to team with our clients and our clients trust us with their teams because they know we are not headhunters out to cannibalize staffs to fill positions elsewhere.  We get to know each candidate and each client and carefully screen all applicants. You don’t receive hundreds of résumés from marginally qualified engineers. We are a private electronic engineering staffing firm with an interest only in finding the perfect engineer candidate for your unique needs. We are dedicated to finding the right expertise engineer for each client’s particular requirements. We go to work immediately upon receiving your job candidate request giving you preferential treatment and putting extra effort into quickly finding the contract engineer that matches your criteria.

Understanding Your Engineering Needs

In conjunction with our hands-on approach and internal resources, Advantage maintains a current portfolio of qualified engineer staffing candidates across a wide spectrum of technical capabilities.  If we don’t already have the right candidate for the job in our files we will use our resources until we locate precisely the engineer our client needs. Our extensive knowledge of the electronic product development industry places us above the level of service you could expect from other staffing agencies. If we don’t already have experience with your type of project … we will find out what it takes. We are not only leaders in technology; we keep current with what is happening ifn the field if electrical engineering profession.

Turnaround Time for Placement

Special engineer staffing job requirements or experience levels may require a little longer turnaround time. Turnaround time includes our navigation of the various stages in placement. In-house job candidates and those we have worked with previously require shorter time frames because we have already been through many of the processes necessary to fulfill your needs. Advantage takes pride in swiftly understanding and fulfilling our client needs with qualified electrical engineers.

These include the following:

  • Responses to Customer Inquiries of Candidate Submissions
  • Thorough Understanding of the Job Requisition
  • Development and Implementation of a Candidate Identification Strategy
  • Candidate Qualifications Review and Assessment
  • Pre-Employment Tests
  • Calls, Emails, Faxes, etc. for the Pre-Screening Process
  • Submissions of Only Qualified Electronic Engineers
  • Scheduling of Client-Candidate Interviews
  • Background Checks
  • Interview Feedback/Responses as Required
  • Offers, Counter-Offers/Negotiations
  • Employment “Starts” [Back-Up Candidates for Back-Outs/Counter Offers as Required]

Advantage Screening Policies

The following screening proceedings are adhered-to by Advantage Engineer Staffing: We conduct résumé reviews, screening interviews and in-person client interviews. Advantage asks for character and previous employment references. We use a lengthy reference checklist designed to illicit answers at all levels.  Pre-employment drug testing and background investigations are part of our screening process. Advantage is an ITAR compliant, Drug Free Workplace™. We understand and practice these important regulations.

  • Résumé: Every résumé is reviewed in depth by the Advantage screeners for the top candidate job requisition. Our screeners are engineers and engineering managers.
  • Screening Interview: Our interviewers are engineers and they qualify candidates. This is followed by a screening process which includes reference checks and technical tests that eliminate candidates who may not have the necessary skill sets outlines in the job requisitions. Once the contract engineer has been pre-screened and it is determined that conformance to the clients’ requirements is acceptable, they are introduced to the client.
  • Client Interview: An in-person interview is arranged on-site at a Client’s location, upon their approval, from those candidates pre-screened for their job requirements.
  • Background Checks and Drug Tests: We use professional contract firms specializing in these services. Each is performed after successful interviews and prior to formal contract offers.

New Staff

Advantage Engineer Staffing thoroughly briefs all potential employees on specifics (workplace conduct, company ethics, time tickets, internet policies confidentiality, expense reports, attendance, job specifications and any other requirements from the hiring company) before they are contracted to a new assignment.

All new staff will have explained:

  • Instruction on Advantage Engineer Staffing Policies
  • Job Expectations, Responsibilities and Job Description
  • Clients Employee Orientation Booklet (if available)
  • Clients Company Policies, Briefing On: the proper work attire, internet policies, equal employment opportunity, working hours, pay periods, overtime, paydays, time sheets, expense reports, paychecks, performance reviews, pay raises, terminations, changes in employee status, complaints, grievances, and sexual harassment.
  • When Applicable, Benefits Briefing Covering: holidays, vacations, disability insurance (voluntary, short and long term); life, medical/dental insurance briefing and direct payroll deposit.
  • Leaves of absences per Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and non-FMLA leaves of absence are explained.
  • Causes and Steps for Discipline are Reviewed
  • Smoking and Other Policies are Covered
  • State and Federal Tax Forms are Filled Out
  • Client Intellectual Property Rights agreements thoroughly explained and signed, as are Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete as appropriate.
  • Employee Information Forms are Completed

For Engineers - By Engineers

As an established electronic product development firm, we know that contract electronic-engineer staffing requires maximum technical knowledge and we have the resources and ability to test and screen candidates. In keeping with our credo of excellence, we saw a need to facilitate other companies find the right personnel for their engineering staffing requirements. At the same time, Advantage has a commitment to help other qualified engineers find work in their niche. We were already serving select clients in electronics industry by locating engineering staff and determined the time has come to branch out and offer our engineering staffing services to others too. Advantage has developed a system where recruiting resources are prioritized as our client requirements dictate.
Our philosophy is based on a detailed understanding of the technical requirements of our clients and knowing the capabilities of our contract engineers. Our on-site program managers have the ability to address those needs effectively. Advantage Engineer Staffing professionals interface directly with the engineers and the hiring engineering managers. Once we have an understanding of your requirements, we do the screening interviewing and testing for technical specifics required of the engineers you want.

Let us find the right candidate for the job and reduce the stress on you.

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Engineer Staffing


Advantage Engineer Staffing believes that contract engineering makes perfect sense in today’s economy. By having their engineers helping other engineers, Advantage sees a perfect opportunity to make a difference in the engineering job market. It is the company’s belief that hiring contract engineers on a time-limited basis can help employer’s lower design and engineering costs. Advantage Engineer Staffing is looking forward to taking on new challenges and making things happen.

Advantage Engineer Staffing professionals help engineers secure diverse, challenging and rewarding projects and positions that advance their individual careers to their fullest potential.

Prior to being able to provide the right engineering candidate for the job, we must have an understanding of what the engineer will be doing at your company. A Job Assessment Description tells us a general description of the position our candidate has to match.


Advantage Engineer Staffing can provide ideal human resources for your open electronic engineering positions. In order for us to rapidly locate and place engineer staffing we must have a thorough understanding of your company and what special qualifications you require.

The Job Candidate Request Form below will give us the ability to identify your specific requirements and find the right individuals who can give you the “total package”.

If you would like to talk to us about your job: call 303-410-0292 or fill out the Job Candidate Request Form here so that we may contact you.


If you would like to talk to us about your job:

Call Advantage Engineer Staffing professionals 303 410 0292 or Fill out the Job Candidate Request Form