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Engineer Staffing


Advantage Engineer Staffing believes that contract engineering makes perfect sense in today’s economy. By having their engineers helping other engineers, Advantage sees a perfect opportunity to make a difference in the engineering job market. It is the company’s belief that hiring contract engineers on a time-limited basis can help employer’s lower design and engineering costs. Advantage Engineer Staffing is looking forward to taking on new challenges and making things happen.

Advantage Engineer Staffing professionals help engineers secure diverse, challenging and rewarding projects and positions that advance their individual careers to their fullest potential.

Prior to being able to provide the right engineering candidate for the job, we must have an understanding of what the engineer will be doing at your company. A Job Assessment Description tells us a general description of the position our candidate has to match.


Advantage Engineer Staffing can provide ideal human resources for your open electronic engineering positions. In order for us to rapidly locate and place engineer staffing we must have a thorough understanding of your company and what special qualifications you require.

The Job Candidate Request Form below will give us the ability to identify your specific requirements and find the right individuals who can give you the “total package”.

If you would like to talk to us about your job: call 303-410-0292 or fill out the Job Candidate Request Form here so that we may contact you.


If you would like to talk to us about your job:

Call Advantage Engineer Staffing professionals 303 410 0292 or Fill out the Job Candidate Request Form