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Fast Response to you Engineer Staffing Requests

Advantage Engineer Staffing can help you extend your technical capabilities while saving time and money. We welcome your questions and would like to establish a dialog regarding your engineer staffing needs. We are not an Internet company attempting to fill hundreds or thousands of positions. We are engineers. We know engineers. We know engineering. You get quality individual engineering staffing services from an established electronic product development company that sees a need to facilitate staffing for companies and the engineers they hire. You will appreciate the prompt, efficient and cost effective service from our professionals.

Internet Job Postings Explained

Staffing agencies often post a single job on a website only to find it re-written and posted in up to a dozen locations. The job specifications are given to a number of suppliers who post it on their websites. Further down the line someone will contact the original posting site and offer a candidate for money. This trolling for résumés is obviously not a knowledgeable or personalized way of finding a qualified candidate that meets specific needs. It can bog you down going through résumés of candidate that don’t meet the criteria. Your company is only interested in a qualified candidate for the job offered. It only takes one. When you utilize Advantage Engineer Staffing you know that we have the extensive knowledge of engineering and can quickly assess whether a candidate meets your needs. We are not a “résumé mill”, processing thousands of résumés of candidates who cannot deliver.

A Different Approach

Before we begin to match a company to the engineers in our internal staffing resources, we conduct a careful study of each clients industry and specialized technologies to determine what unique engineer staffing requirements they have. Only then do we begin to determine who is the right candidate for the job is.  We do all of the testing and initial interviewing before introducing you to any electronic engineering candidate. Our evaluation process includes: Advantage a Drug Free Workplace ™. Our company is ITAR compliant. We understand and strictly adhere to compliance with these vital regulations.  Save yourself the time and try our approach.
We will:

  • Understand your Needs by Talking with You
  • Present Qualified Engineers
  • Perform all Résumé Reviews
  • Perform Screening Interviews
  • Reference and Background Checks
  • Testing of Candidates Knowledge
  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing
  • Coordinate Start Date
  • Employee Orientation
  • Follow up with Client and Candidate
  • Provide Back-Up Candidates

Know What You Need

Quality engineer staffing can be difficult to find. Here are some things you can do to insure that you get the right candidate to get the job done.

  1. Will the engineer have customer contact?
  2. What technical skills are essential for the job?
  3. Will this engineer be a part of a team or be working independently?
  4. What are the day to day duties?
  5. What skill level will you NOT accept?

We Review Résumés

Often a hiring manager doesn’t have time to review résumés immediately because they are busy with other tasks. You may not want it known that you are looking for engineers for fear of being bombarded with under-qualified résumés to review. It is beneficial for you to have someone knowledgeable in your technology to screen résumés before they get to your desk. It’s our commitment to make sure we send you an engineer with the right qualifications. Unlike many engineering staffing services, job boards or employment agencies Advantage Engineer Staffing will only send you engineers that we have determined will meet your needs.

The Interview

Before submitting a candidate for your review, Advantage conducts a thorough screening, confirming job history, capability character and technical skill.  We test for technical aptitude using technical tests developed for specific areas of engineering. Once a qualified engineer has been evaluated and deemed suitable, we can confidently recommend them to your company. Although we do the preliminary work for you, it is also important for you to have an interview plan. We suggest that you prepare a checklist of questions you will ask each candidate. This step assures that you can more readily compare candidates and that you will be sure to cover all the topics. It is a good idea to include some open-ended questions in order to get better insight into the candidate’s communication skills and how their experience relates to the position. Preliminary telephone interviews can sometimes help decide whether you want to go forward with an in-person interview.

Orienting the Candidate to Your Company

A top designer or engineer might have offers from other companies. We explain the reasons to choose your company. Advantage Engineer Staffing will share your company’s achievements and describe why it is a great place to work.

Acting Quickly

If a candidate makes a good impression it might be important to act immediately. Our pre-employment testing makes it easy for you to know that a candidate is qualified. We act quickly on your behalf. If you are unsure until after you’ve interviewed other candidates, we recommend that you set a time-frame for getting back to them. We can help you decide between candidates.

Rely on Engineering Professionals

Advantage Engineer Staffing personnel have a unique background of electronic product development expertise and can provide a wide range of specialized engineering staffing services. We understand the challenges of hiring industry-specific talent.

Let Advantage locate the right engineer staffing for your projects.

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Engineer Staffing


Advantage Engineer Staffing believes that contract engineering makes perfect sense in today’s economy. By having their engineers helping other engineers, Advantage sees a perfect opportunity to make a difference in the engineering job market. It is the company’s belief that hiring contract engineers on a time-limited basis can help employer’s lower design and engineering costs. Advantage Engineer Staffing is looking forward to taking on new challenges and making things happen.

Advantage Engineer Staffing professionals help engineers secure diverse, challenging and rewarding projects and positions that advance their individual careers to their fullest potential.

Prior to being able to provide the right engineering candidate for the job, we must have an understanding of what the engineer will be doing at your company. A Job Assessment Description tells us a general description of the position our candidate has to match.


Advantage Engineer Staffing can provide ideal human resources for your open electronic engineering positions. In order for us to rapidly locate and place engineer staffing we must have a thorough understanding of your company and what special qualifications you require.

The Job Candidate Request Form below will give us the ability to identify your specific requirements and find the right individuals who can give you the “total package”.

If you would like to talk to us about your job: call 303-410-0292 or fill out the Job Candidate Request Form here so that we may contact you.


If you would like to talk to us about your job:

Call Advantage Engineer Staffing professionals 303 410 0292 or Fill out the Job Candidate Request Form