First in Series of New Product Development Cores Released Advantage Bluetooth Smart Core™


Press Release – July 18, 2013

Denver/Boulder, Colorado


Engineering Firm Advantage introduces hardware module that makes electronic products into app-enabled AppCessories


Jody Singleton, President of electrical engineering firm, Advantage Electronic Product Development announced today the release of the first of company’s new product development cores, the wireless Advantage Bluetooth Smart Core™ for use as a building block adding Bluetooth Smart capabilities to new product developments, especially in the healthcare space. The module is the first of the next generation in the Advantage line of hardware and software Cores, This new design is intended to be embedded into electronic devices called AppCessories or App-Enabled devices which are controlled via an application on an iDevice or Android that is Smart Ready, ie: a notebook, tablet or smartphone that is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled.


Singleton stated,“Advantage’ Bluetooth Smart Core is the first hardware module designed to be implemented into a vast array of electronic products to make them into AppCessories. Its purpose is to shorten time to market for those who implement it. Bluetooth Smart, v4.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy was designed with more intelligence to overcome some of the shortcomings of Bluetooth Classic. Apple committed to making all of its new devices Bluetooth Smart Ready in 2012, Samsung has just released the SG4 with the capability and an avalanche of new smart products will follow just behind.”


Advantage has developed the module with an array of analog, digital, and data interfaces giving the electronic product developer a means to swiftly put the ability to control a product, via an application, into virtually any product. The company has provided an on-board microcontroller that will give their product’s users broad freedom to customize the board features to specific needs. Its small size allows the Advantage Bluetooth Smart Core ™ to be unobtrusively added into products, effectively turning them into app-enabled devices without impacting the size or jeopardizing the look, and feel of a product. The built-in micro usb battery charging, low energy Bluetooth radio, microcontroller, accelerometer, sensors and led interfaces round out the Advantage Bluetooth Smart Core capabilities.


The Advantage Bluetooth Smart Core is application-driven hardware that can be controlled via either Apple iDevices or Android devices (or both) creating app-enabled devices labeled “AppCessories”. The Bluetooth Smart Advantage Core will bring value to products in many industries and has already been implemented in real-world products that range from safety instruments and smart energy tools to medical devices.


Advantage Electronic Product Development offers a broad range of hardware and software core modules which are designed to support aviation, space, instrumentation, medical and commercial markets enabling a more rapid time to market by shortening the product development cycle. Advantage Cores minimize product development risk and cost by streamlining design time utilizing already proven and tested solutions.

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