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Engineer Staffing believes that contract engineering makes perfect sense in today’s economy. By having their engineers helping other engineers, Advantage sees a perfect opportunity to make a difference in the engineering job market. It is the company’s belief that hiring contract engineers on a time-limited basis can help employer’s lower design and engineering costs. Advantage Engineer Staffing is looking forward to taking on new challenges and making things happen.

Advantage Engineer Staffing professionals help engineers secure diverse, challenging and rewarding projects and positions that advance their individual careers to their fullest potential.

Prior to being able to provide the right engineering candidate for the job, we must have an understanding of what the engineer will be doing at your company. A Job Assessment Description tells us a general description of the position our candidate has to match. 

Advantage Engineer Staffing can provide ideal human resources for your open electronic engineering positions. In order for us to rapidly locate and place engineer staffing we must have a thorough understanding of your company and what special qualifications you require. The Job Candidate Request Form below will give us the ability to identify your specific requirements and find the right individuals who can give you the “total package”.

If you would like to talk to us about your job: call 303-410-0292 or fill out the Job Candidate Request Form here so that we may contact you.


Engineer Staffing

Help Us Understand Your Position


Before Advantage Engineer Staffing can determine which engineering candidates will fit the bill, we need to understand the position we are going to fill. Our ability to fulfill the requirement will go much better if we have a thorough understanding of the engineering position. We have included information about the following sections to insure that our candidates are right for your project.

General Job Description

Prior to being able to provide the right engineering candidate for the job, we must have an understanding of what the engineer will be doing at your company. A Job Assessment Description tells us a general description of the position our candidate has to match.

Job Specifics:

Key details of how, when, where must be specified. This covers job specifics such as; long or short term, what shift worked, salary or hourly, work location and travel requirements. Other specifics could include how you want the résumés submitted or instructions for our professionals. What is the interview process? Do you want us involved in this?
We only accept highly competent engineers with suitable knowledge and abilities for your engineer staffing requirements. Our engineering staffing services are personalized targeted searches for the right candidate for your specific needs. The more we know about your project the better we will be able to assist you.

Basic Qualifications

Tell us the base line qualifications a candidate must have to be considered for the job. This would not be your highest expectations, but rather basic skills. At what level of knowledge/experience would a candidate be considered under-qualified?

Key Technical Skills:

List 4 – 6 technical skills that a qualified job-holder would be expected to exhibit. This should be basic skills with the equipment, software tools or processes used in this position

Special Skills:

What additional skills would make a candidate stand out as you screen résumés Make a note for us, with a brief explanation, what special skills would grab your attention.

Soft Skills:

Will the engineer staffing candidate have contact with customers or be in a technical support environment? In that case it would be essential that they possess additional leadership and customer skills. Personality traits or communication skills may or may not matter in the position offered.


We have discovered that additional material and accurate information need to be constantly updated. The Job Assessment forms are dated. As customer needs and revisions are issued new dates are entered so that we are always aware of your latest engineering requirements.


Once we have gone over your job description form, our engineer staffing team will have a more thorough understanding of key qualities for which you are looking. We can begin our intensive screening process. Advantage Engineer Staffing has the expertise, experience and connections to find appropriately qualified engineers for your projects
To learn more about how Advantage Engineer Staffing can help you control costs while expanding your technical resources. Contact our Director of Technical Staffing. Call 303-410-0292 or fill out our Job Candidate Request Form online.

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