Colorado Engineering Firm Releases Next Development Platform "Advantage ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core™"


Press Release – December 12, 2013

Denver/Boulder, Colorado


Advantage Bluetooth ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart Core™ offers both a hardware & software framework designed to expedite the implementation of Smart Grid technologies such as Green Button Data.


The Advantage ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core™ now being released by Advantage Electronic Product Development is the next in a series of powerful development tools the firm has recently announced. The proprietary framework is projected to enhance and expedite the integration of Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid technologies, hardware devices that communicate with mobile devices. With the addition of this new Advantage Core™, Advantage expects to help product developers speed up the development and deployment resulting in less time-to-market and ultimately a more cost-effective product delivery. Samsung has announced the addition of the ZigBee protocol to some models of their phones in 2014 and this development platform is projected to ensure electronic device companies are ready and able to deploy as soon as ZigBee enabled smartphones start to hit the market.


The electronics design company, Advantage, states that this development tool delivers the ability to rapid-deploy devices to the Smart Grid, home automation or other applications where ZigBee and Bluetooth are needed to provide better security and smooth interaction capability with Smart Phones, Android and Apple devices.


The Advantage ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core™ protocol aids with development of communications connecting external devices using standard platforms. App integration into hardware designs where the technology will be useful include:

  • Sensor Mesh Networks
  • Wireless Control/Measurement
  • Energy Efficiency Building/Home Automation
  • iDevice and Android App Integration into Hardware Designs – AppCessories


According to Jody Singleton, President/CEO of Advantage, “Although we have developed AppCessory electronics for both iDevices and Android systems for quite some time, we have developed products utilizing ZigBee for even longer. The addition of our Advantage ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core will generate a broader scope of potential implementation in a number of exciting platforms. Practical, deliverable technologies in hardware control capabilities make this development core significant because it bumps up the operability we can incorporate into areas that ZigBee dominates. Now we have greater ability to connect electronics utilizing Bluetooth Smart 4.0 with mature, tried-and-true ZigBee and can better integrate the electronics, firmware, and apps to make Smarter Hardware.”


About Advantage


Advantage Electronic Product Development is highly experienced in the development of advanced accessory electronics for both Apple and Android systems and has launched numerous cutting-edge designs for medical devices, aerospace instrumentation, energy efficient and smart grid systems. The Advantage team is has deep experience with accessory designs, leveraging their proven technologies to connect external devices to Smart devices. The electronic product development firm also has a dedicated Mobile App Development Team.

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