Custom Electronics Design Engineering Firm, Advantage Electronic Product Development, Kicks Off its New Engineer Staffing Division


Press Release – December 29, 2009

Boulder/Broomfield, Colorado


Advantage Electronic Product Development has been operating within the custom design engineering space for 16 years and is well aware of the increasing need of out-of-work engineers to connect with employers and projects.


On the other side of this equation, there are engineering managers who would benefit from a true engineer-specific staffing service. The announcement of Advantage’s formation of their new Engineer Staffing division begins a timely new phase for the electronic design firm. Advantage mission in launching a new department is simply to supply long or short–term qualified engineers for companies that hire them. The company has been helping other companies with electrical engineer staffing for several years. As more companies began approaching Advantage with staffing needs, the firm realized that a knowledge of engineering, and knowing engineers puts them in a unique position to help other companies balance their engineer staffing needs and give engineers a platform to find a position that matches their qualifications.


Engineer Staffing believes that contract engineering makes perfect sense in today’s economy. By having their engineers helping other engineers, Advantage sees a perfect opportunity to make a difference in the engineering job market. It is the company’s position that hiring contract engineers on a time-limited basis helps employer’s better control design and engineering costs. Advantage Engineer Staffing is looking forward to taking on new challenges and making things happen.


“Engineer staffing is an important, but complex and time consuming function within most technology organizations. The quality of, the engineers has a direct effect on whether a companies projects are efficient, effective and improve their competitiveness.” Remarked Advantage CEO, Jody Singleton “We present the professional engineer staffing to support this increasingly important function.”


Engineer Staffing will provide electronic devices engineers/designers to technology companies on a contract basis. The company is headquartered in the heart of the Colorado technology industry, the Broomfield/Boulder, Colorado corridor. Advantage is not an employment agency, but rather an electronic product development firm that will fulfill a need for electronic-engineer staffing services in order to place qualified engineers with companies that employ them. Advantage is already a leader in the design, development and manufacture of innovative electronics systems. Known for its capabilities in support of space and Earth sciences, Green technology, renewables/energy and a wide range of instrumentation development, Advantage also pioneered the development of smart grid components, producing systems that helped ignite a new market-driven demand for energy efficiency. Industry experience and high level qualifications give Advantage insight and a fresh approach to what type of engineer staffing talent a company needs while knowing which individual engineers are best-placed with them.


With the recognition of the nations current need to streamline staffing, and by talking daily to the many excellent engineers who are out of work, Advantage realized the need to do something for fellow technology companies while being of assistance to its fellow engineers. The opening of the new engineer staffing division will benefit their peers on both sides of the aisle. The company’s staffing professionals are working members of the electronic product development industry, and are very familiar with what constitutes the right engineering candidate for the project. Engineer Staffing is an exciting natural extension of the design services already offered by Advantage.


“Advantage is committed to providing valuable services and resources to companies and the engineering community.” Singleton continued “We have a broad base of experience in engineering and we are enjoying putting it to further use supporting our peers. Because we have been in the custom electronics design industry for 16 years we truly understand our client’s needs. We are uniquely qualified to locate and place fully screened and qualified candidates in positions in a variety of industries, markets and sectors. From aerospace and defense to medical and green technologies, we can choose the best and brightest candidates with the industry specific knowledge needed.”

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