Advantage Electronic Product Development Offers Inventors Free Analysis


Press Release – March 17, 2010

Boulder/Broomfield, Colorado


From March 15 through April 30, 2010, qualified entrepreneurs with an innovative electronic product idea have the opportunity to ask Advantage for a free analysis and obtain professional consultation on their electronic technology inventions. The company will assist with identifying patenting ideas and overall feasibility of the product. The company will lend its technical guidance to benefit the initiators of new ideas.


Advantage is known for extensive capabilities in support of space and Earth sciences, renewables/energy and a wide range of instrumentation development. Advantage also pioneered the development of Smart Grid components. It is one of the few electronic product development firms that have had experience with technical claims. The offer presents an opportunity for an inventor to find out if their brainchild can be reduced to common practice and can be designed for its real-world intended purpose. Included will be an estimation of major cost components associated with the design.


As the demand for eco-friendly products increases, electronic products are evolving to meet environmental regulations. In response to the high demand for new green technology, the US Patenting Office is fast-tracking patents associated with green designs. Inspiration for Smart Grid and green engineering are in high demand. Advantage capitalizes on their extensive experience in the design of innovative electronic products. Their talented product designers keep current with the new products creating the new energy economy.


The purpose of the analysis offer is to give an inventor a quality analysis for new ideas. It has been the company’s experience that many inventors are unfamiliar with the process of protecting a new design. Advantage is volunteering to give confidential, quick and accurate reviews on new product ideas for these inventors. By introducing this offer, the design firm can help inventors to identify difficult technical challenges. Advantage’ expert opinion will help determine the technical portion of the claims for the innovator with an idea that needs to be protected. This is an opportunity to obtain a professional evaluation of their idea before investing money in development costs.


Founded in 1993, Advantage is a leader in electronic product innovation and technology


“Our clients hire us for some of the most difficult and exciting challenges in engineering. We realize that inventors frequently find themselves in a position to need our expertise in developing an electronic product. They need a realistic evaluation to know what technical challenges they are facing, as well as what pitfalls to avoid. Inventors are the bread and butter of electronic product development and our company is privileged to work closely with innovative people. Advantage consistently delivers next generation technology and are excited to provide the innovator with this free analysis.” said Advantage president and CEO, Jody Singleton.


The company offers businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors an opportunity to save time and money with the hope that it helps inventors on their way to success by getting this valuable analysis and expert opinion.

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