Advantage Electronic Product Development Expands Mobile App Development Capabilities


Press Release – May 8, 2013

Denver/Boulder, Colorado


Electrical engineering firm’s capabilities amplified to include Advantage Mobile Application Development.


Advantage Electronic Product Development kicks up its mobile application capabilities with the introduction of the Advantage Mobile Application Development division. The newly-expanded team, whose primary function is slated to bridge the industry-specific gap between electronic product development and mobile application development, is led by veteran mobile industry producer, Keoki Trask. Trask described the expanded mobile software solutions division as, “The software and hardware problem solvers that lives depend upon. We’re a specialized crew and I am honored and very much at home with that responsibility.”


The growing firm is expanding their physical space to include another floor of labs to accommodate the increased capacity. The core development team is comprised of in-house Android and Apple Peripherals developers, vetted and touted as specialists in custom, proprietary code for industry-specific, custom app development. The division is charted to solidify interactive mobile connectivity for its legacy product development clientele. The additional Mobile application division bandwidth gives Advantage broader capabilities in complete and effective mobile solutions for demanding Apple compatible and Android projects that require stability and reliability within volatile, remote and often rigorous environments.


The company employs a skilled technical team consisting of software, electronics and systems engineers, to engineer new product development and sophisticated technologies to each costumer’s needs.


Trask stated “We do not create pocket games at our lab. There’s a market and a place for those. I’ve been a part of that industry myself and I tip my hat. What we do here at Advantage is a much more precision-driven approach to app development, where every connection, every zero or one could mean the difference between success and failure. Because of this, we approach the safety and security of our clients with utmost seriousness and integrity. There is a lot of untapped power within the devices in most of our hands and we plan to make that available to our client in order to address their demanding needs.”


Advantage President/CEO Jody Singleton, describes the firm as “As a product development firm committed to revolutionizing how the world views smart devices and the peripherals they communicate with and control. With this expansion of the company, we have enhanced our capabilities in the development of highly sophisticated peripherals through Apple & Android smart phones and tablets”


About Advantage


The Colorado-based electronic product development company is a pioneer in development of Apple and Android compatible accessories and peripherals. Several years ago it began to offer a full complement of electrical engineering services for peripheral development dovetailing with deep experience in Aerospace, Instrumentation, Medical, and Consumer products. The firm is adding more bandwidth by expanding its mobile application division.

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