Unique Energy-Efficient Building Heating Advance Announced in Colorado


Press Release – September 16, 2010

Boulder/Broomfield, Colorado


Advantage Electronic Product Development develops a new electronic product expected to improve energy efficiency and lower costs as a fast, efficient method of fulfilling the rising need for energy.


Colorado custom electronics engineering firm, Advantage, announces that they have set into motion the development of a unique electronic product that the company feels will forever change the way we view home/office heating and its efficiency level. Advantage will implement appropriate green engineering science in design of the advanced type of heating system. The eco-friendly system is designed and developed to require very little electricity and will be cleaner, cheaper and have a smaller carbon footprint than other heating systems.


The undertaking comes at the perfect time in our nation’s quest for energy independence and the simplest, highest efficiency-level and maximum cost effective methods of utilizing our resources. The development uses a fresh approach and solves some difficult issues to accomplish this leap forward in heating technology. The rapid return on investment and high level of efficiency at a very low kilowatt-hour usage will provide system owners with a high-performance solution to heating their houses and buildings. The system is designed to be able to easily retrofit into existing construction as well as to communicate seamlessly with building management systems and the nation’s Smart Grid system. It utilizes ZigBee wireless communication to allow utility company control and to join existing building management systems and home area networks.


Standout performance combined with very efficient power consumption and lower consumer costs makes the launch of this green technology electronic product a welcome development. The heating system incorporates enhanced applications of existing technologies, including fast-response surface-sensing materials used in aerospace, medical and industrial electronic devices. Combined, these technologies make substantial advances toward energy-efficiency through the reduction of heat loss.


Advantage believes it is developing the heating industry’s newest variant of radiant systems that could be considered the foundation of a new era of energy efficiency in building heating products. The design incorporates cutting-edge green technologies capable of delivering a high-quality heating system, while whittling-off every extra morsel of energy consumption. Conserving natural resources is essential in today’s environment-driven building heating solutions.


Advantage’s development is at the forefront of an advanced new class of electronic products that expend minimal power, and significantly increase cost-effectiveness while reducing heat loss.


The development phase of the new system will be completed and through agency testing by Q1 of 2011. The system is set to begin field test in Q2 of 2011 and roll-out for the next summer installation season.


Advantage President and CEO, Jody Singleton, stated, “There are a great many applications for this innovation. We are proud to usher in this new form of energy-efficient heating through its development.” said Ms. Singleton.


It is universally acknowledged that we need to preserve our natural resources and focus on our own energy-efficiency in order to reach energy-independence. Because it is among the largest sources of waste, home & building heating is an important place for the commitment to genuine energy efficiency. Advantage designs renewable energy power generation and smart-grid systems and this electronic product ranks with the best and most cost-effective solutions.

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