Apple Peripherals Development & Manufacturing Capabilities Now at Advantage Electronic Product Development


Press Release – April 20, 2011

Boulder/Broomfield, Colorado


Electronic product developer, Advantage Electronic Product Development qualifies to develop & manufacture innovative peripherals that interact with Apple’s, iPod touch, iPhone and iPad products.


Advantage is pleased to announce that they may now develop and build products as peripherals or accessories that work with Apple’s “i” family of products. Electronic products that interact with and leverage the infrastructure of Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad product lines are highly sought after. Plain & simple, the capability to develop hardware that works with Apple, utilizing their products directly or as adjunct technology gives a developer a distinct advantage.


Advantage engineers can now develop products that are peripherals to the highly coveted Apple platforms and is already designing and manufacturing products using communication protocols that interact with and connect to iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. To support the user interfaces to these products Advantage is qualified for the development of software applications pertaining to their peripheral and accessory product designs that are written precisely for Apple’s architecture.


Advantage obtained the distinction of developing, designing and building products using the latest Apple technology through the development of an intuitive new medical device. The new capabilities are expected to contribute to broadening capabilities of the products developed and built by Advantage in the very near future. In addition to the current application the firm already has four more high-end products under development, including one in the field of energy efficiency, utilizing the world’s most advanced mobile platform.


For the release of its first Apple peripherals product, Advantage plans to leverage the Apple iPhone infrastructure to manage sophisticated sensing elements utilized in a highly anticipated medical device, which is a patented, disruptive technology in the field of prosthetics. The system unites advanced embedded microprocessor technology and features the ability to capture real-time analytical information and relay it to clinicians who then monitor and make decisions as to the patient’s care … an ability never before possible.


Advantage president and CEO Jody Singleton states “The Apple iPhone/iPod touch/iPad platform is a real force shaping technology today. Leveraging it offers an extraordinary way to implement sophisticated technology, shorten development time and add a real “wow factor” to a product. We are pleased to offer this new capability because it gives Advantage greater flexibility, which in turn expands our options when we are creating innovative electronic products for our clients. We anticipate that this will serve as a bridge to enhance our product development capabilities as well as a natural next step for our manufacturing capability.”


About Advantage Electronic Product Development


In business for 18 years, Advantage develops designs and manufactures innovative electronics systems for the aerospace, energy efficiency (green), instrumentation & medical industries. The custom electronics developer has specialized in instrumentation for, energy/smart grid systems, high-voltage safety, photonics instruments and wireless controls and sensor solutions.

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