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As technology companies begin to re-hire workers, they start first with temporary workers, which is the most certain method of minimizing their risk. Then, as conditions improve they begin converting temporary workers into full-time positions. The quarters immediately ahead present a remarkable opportunity for companies to begin hiring. The start of 2010 presents a chance to make certain that your organization gets the superstars before it becomes a candidates’ market again. Many key hires can be made now even while a need to conserve cash remains. Globalization, new technology and economic trends have put an increasing emphasis on labor costs. Some estimates say as high as 70% of a company’s revenue is attributed to employee pay & benefits.


Technology companies are saving between (conservatively) 20 – 50% of their hiring dollars by utilizing engineering specific staffing agencies. Not only do these resources help a company manage this financial burden, they help them to save on the cost of procuring talented engineers and frequently increase profit by reducing time to market. An engineer specific staffing service can permanently shrinks costs by providing flexibility to an engineering team. Even worst-case-scenario estimates clearly show the solid gains possible from using flexible staffing. The potential to save money is significant when a business can reduce or eliminate the following expenditures:

Tax Savings:

  • Federal Income tax
  • State Income tax
  • FICA (Social Security and Medicare)
  • FUTA (Federal Unemployment tax)
  • SUI (State Unemployment tax)
  • Tax write-off of contingent staffing (Check with your CPA)

Administrative Savings:

  • Expenses of an interim hire are a variable cost rather than fixed overhead.
  • Administrative Costs
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Vacations
  • Other Employer Provided Benefits
  • Medical Insurance


Substantial savings can be found by reducing associated taxes and fringe benefits. Workers Compensation, Unemployment and liability insurance are paid by the engineering staffing agency or the contract engineer. In addition to the employer related fees and taxes paid on behalf of an employee, fringe benefits usually cost companies about 20 – 50% above the actual salary paid.

Costs associated with the hiring process are lower when an engineer specific staffing agency does the legwork. Individuals responsible for hiring are freed-up to concentrate on their other duties since they are not spending the time it takes to sift through literally hundreds of applications. The engineer staffing company will find and screen qualified candidates, test their knowledge, perform drug testing and background checks, meaning that you will only interview pre-qualified candidates. The hiring company doesn’t have the cost of downtime or expenses associated hiring and maintaining a “marching army”. Qualified specialists are available for specific projects only when needed. Reducing costs and time-to-productivity are benefits of hiring engineers provided by an engineer specific staffing company. That factor alone can significantly reduce your cash outlay and improve chances of getting your project to market on time and on budget. Maneuvering for flexibility when companies find they need to reduce costs is a rapid and definitive solution. Depending on the skill-level needed, businesses can expect to pay more per hour for contingent engineers however, they will still realize substantial savings over what they pay salaried workers. Some studies report that it can be anywhere from 40% to twice the wages of employees receiving benefits. The bottom line is that hiring engineers through an engineering staffing agency, such Advantage Engineer Staffing, allows technical companies to effectively save on the costs associated with hiring and labor costs.

Advantage Engineer Specific Staffing


Facts & Figures


A recent McKinsey Quarterly study calls tapping into the world of talent by utilizing “specialists, free agents and talent networks” offered by temporary and contract staffing agencies the third top business technology trend to watch.


The American Staffing Association reports that temporary and contract staffing agencies employ 2.96 million people each day and 11.4 million individuals over the course of the year.


As demonstrated by the graph to the right, American businesses are beginning to create new jobs. They are being conservative in their approach however, and adding workers tentatively. A large percentage of these new positions will be filled with temporary workers. NATSS (National Association of Temporary Staffing Services) released a study in October of 2009 showing that temporary employment as a percentage has grown every year since 1992. Some commentators asserted that contingent workers make up as much as 30% to 40% of the total workforce. 90% of the Fortune 500 companies are using contract or temporary staff augmentation.


The latest study by Human Capital Institute (HCI) shows conclusively that in more than 90% of the companies studied, the costs associated with using staffing services for contingent workers was minimal and the advantages were shown to be overwhelmingly favorable.


Engineers for Demanding Projects


Advantage has been helping to match engineers and companies for many years, so we decided to make it official and launch a new engineering specific staffing division! Hiring an engineer through Advantage Engineer Staffing can be extremely cost-effective. Eliminating these expenses can give a healthy boost to your cash flow. We can offer creative ways to strengthen your company’s expertise while improving your bottom line at the same time.What could be better? Because our business IS engineering, we know engineers. You can count on us to ensure you are viewing only qualified candidates which can help free you to concentrate on your project or growing your business.


Leave the hiring to us. Fill in the convenient form on our site, or give us a call. We would be more than happy to talk with you about any positions you need engineers for.


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