Advantage ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core™


Agility. Ingenuity.


Potential Applications


  • Wireless Control/Measurement:
    • Device Energy Consumption
    • Wireless Sensors
    • Lighting
    • Building/Home Automation
  • Smart Phone App Driven Hardware Control:
    • iDevice and Android application support
    • iDevice and Android app integration into hardware designs
  • Low Range Sensor Self-Healing Self-Joining Networks:
    • Surveilance
    • Sensor Mesh Networks



  • 8-bit Embedded Microcontroller
  • BlueRadios Single Mode Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Transceiver
  • Xbee ZB ZigBee Transceiver
  • Built in Lion Battery Charger
  • Micro USB Charger Interface
  • 2 on Board LED Indicators


Figure 1: ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core™ Image



The ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core™ is a powerful development tool offering the user a wide range of potential applications, including iPhone and Android application integration into pre-existing or future hardware electronic designs. The Advantage ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core offers a wireless interface to today’s standard personal electronic devices including both Android and Apple devices. In addition to the Bluetooth Smart 4.0 interface, the ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart Core™ also includes a ZigBee Transceiver giving the user an interface to ZigBee wireless networks. Utilizing this development tool will allow the user to configure, control, capture, and interact with their ZigBee networks from their Smart Phone, Tablet, iPod or any number of other standard platforms.


Figure 2: ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core™ Block Diagram


Our products are manufactured to meet WEEE/ROHS guidelines for lead free parts and electronic waste.

Any business that sells applicable electronic products, sub-assemblies or components directly to EU countries, or sells to resellers, distributors or integrators that in turn sell products to EU countries, is impacted if they utilize any of the restricted materials. WEEE compliance aims to encourage the design of electronic products with environmentally-safe recycling and recovery in mind. RoHS compliance dovetails into WEEE by reducing the amount of hazardous chemicals used in electronic manufacture.

Advantage ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core™ (PDF Version)