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GroundHound Site Safety Warning System TM

Multi-function Ground Potential Rise (GPR) Monitor

  • Only GPR Site Safety Warning System with Exclusive International License Issued by Department of Energy (DOE).
  • Only System with Remote Set-Up & Alarm Review & Reset

    Set-up and any alarms are reviewed from a safe distance via an Apple iPhone or Android phone. It does not require or encourage a crewman to walk over to view or touch the instrument under unsafe Ground Potential Rise (GPR) conditions.

  • Real Time Multi-Function GroundHound Monitors and Alarms a Variety of Conditions

    Alarms at 2 Voltage-levels of GPR,
    Visual warning levels when safety equipment isn’t required
    Both audible and visual when the GPR has risen to the point that safety equipment must be used

  • Distinct Audible Alarm for Bursts or Transients Not Detected by Other Monitors

The sensor unit has both visual and audible alarms. It is bright enough and loud enough for the crew to hear it over the sounds of trucks at the site

The sensor sends a message and alarm to the phone using ZigBee, the most reliable communication protocol for electrically noisy environments. When the message arrives the phone alarms audibly and vibrates, alerting the foreman.

The ZigBee protocol is designed to pair the phone and lock to the instrument for each session. Once paired up the sensor will report can be taken and tied to the time-stamp of a particular alarm or series of alarms for that phone for that session.

Photos of the work site and notes can be made.


Designed to comply with IEEE Std. 80-2000 - 29 CFR 910.269 OSHA for Step & Touch

Exclusive International License Granted by the Department of Energy on US Patent 8,149,128

Apple Licensing Benefit’s Instrument        Real Time GPR Monitor (PDF)

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